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Whether you’re just familiarizing yourself with us through our website or you’ve been part of our dental family for a while, a couple of things are immediately apparent about your North Liberty team at Corridor Dental—we’re passionate advocates for both oral health and recognize how intricately tied it is to your overall wellness. That’s why we’re such strong proponents of biological dentistry, which is all about using techniques and materials that are more compatible with our anatomy and physiology. One material that isn’t compatible with your overall wellness is mercury, which is found in silver (amalgam) fillings. It’s important to note that the FDA and ADA still consider dental amalgam a safe restorative material.

  • Dr. Kriegel will remove mercury fillings and replace them with safe, durable composite when necessary or desired.

  • We follow IAOMT protocols when removing mercury fillings to keep you, our team, and other patients in our office safe.

  • Dr. Kriegel is one of the few dentists in Iowa that is SMART certified.

What if My Silver Fillings Seem Fine?

The truth is, mercury has long been listed as a toxic substance, and we agree with the IAOMT that any amount of it taken into the body should be considered hazardous. It seems to serve its purpose by replacing tooth structure that’s been damaged by decay, but aside from it being a blight on your smile, amalgam fillings have been known to expand and contract with temperature changes in foods and beverages. Over time, this could lead to small fissures and cracks that allow infection to form in what’s left of your tooth—or go deeper.

This goes without mentioning the plethora of potential side effects you could experience as a result of mercury exposure and the other materials used in amalgam fillings being foreign to your mouth and body. For these reasons, Dr. Kriegel became SMART certified to help patients achieve a better state of oral health as well as a more beautiful smile.

Okay, I’m ready. What’s next?


Simply put, having a mercury amalgam filling removed exposes you to harmful mercury vapor (yep, all amalgam fillings contain approximately 50% mercury). We’re concerned with your safety as much as we are concerned with our own, which is why we perform this procedure in a mercury-safe environment, drastically reducing BOTH our exposures to harmful substances released.

Some of the SMART protocols are:

  1. Use of an amalgam separator. Mercury amalgam waste is collected so that the dangerous toxins don’t enter the water supply.

  2. High velocity air filtration. A high-volume air filter is necessary for getting rid of mercury particulate and mercury vapor, metal particulates, and bacteria from the air. This is positioned near the patient for maximum protection.

  3. Rinse. In some cases, we use a rinse made of activated charcoal, chlorella, or other adsorbent prior to the procedure.

  4. Paste. Made of activated charcoal, chlorella, or other absorbents, this type of product is used for rinsing and swallowing before the procedure–unless, of course, you decline. We recommend using it again after the procedure as well.

  5. Use of protective gowns. We won’t be the only silly looking ones in the room, you’ll wear a gown too! Research has shown some particles of harmful mercury cannot be completely captured by suction and other devices, so we take additional precautions.

  6. Nasal oxygen tubulars. So you’re constantly breathing in the good stuff instead of the bad.

  7. Use of face masks. To protect our dental team, Dr. Kriegel and anyone else in the room at any time must wear a special mask coated with charcoal to filter mercury vapors.

  8. Use of a dental dam. Stops the mercury and toxins from being swallowed.

  9. Use of a saliva ejector with specialized “Clean Up” suction tip. Used under the dental dam and over the treatment area in order to capture all that contaminated saliva.

  10. Lots of water. Using a lot of water reduces heat and can reduce the spread of mercury vapor.

  11. Sectioning and chunking. Rather than grinding, we remove the amalgam in chunks, again minimizing the release of mercury vapors and unnecessary removal of healthy tooth structure.


For more information about the SMART protocol, why we believe it is a standard of care, and why you should choose a SMART certified dentist, we recommend reviewing these websites:

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