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Ceramic dental implants offer a non-metal alternative to traditional titanium alloy implants. Not only much more esthetic, these implants do not contribute to oral galvanism or corrode like metal implants, which have been shown to break down and release harmful heavy metals into the jawbone.

Research has shown ceramic implants to have less inflammation and less bacteria accumulation than their metal counterparts. In addition, ceramic implants form a tight seal with your soft tissue just like a natural tooth, preventing harmful pathogens from getting to the jawbone and creating inflammation.

Biological dentistry focuses on a principle known as ‘the oral systemic link’. The oral systemic link is actually many links that connect your oral health to your overall health. Recent research makes these findings more evident than ever. We believe patients need to be aware of this systemic link and be empowered to make decisions for themselves.

  • We are proud to say we are a mercury-free and mercury-safe dental practice.

  • We are SMART Certified, following strict protocols set by the IAOMT for safe amalgam filling removal.

  • We use layered bonding techniques for composite fillings to maximize outcomes.




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