• Cody Kriegel

Introducing: Dental Membership Plan

Growing up, going to the dentist was just a thing. A thing that usually got me out of school a couple times a year. I went in for a routine appointment, and my parents took care of the bill. I did what I was told until I was 27, which is when I met Cody…and then I continued to go to the dentist, and since we were in L-O-V-E he didn’t make me pay. What I’m trying to get across is: I never knew the price of going to the dentist! What I do know is this: just because I showed up to my dental appointments doesn’t mean I didn’t have a cavity. After my first office visit with Dr. Kriegel he nicknamed me Cavity Queen.

The point of this blog isn’t to tell you to get in here twice a year (even though you should). Since working in a dental office I have come to learn a few things:

1) insurance isn’t (definitely, definitely isn’t) the end all, be all for dental care

2) people who don’t have dental insurance don’t come to the dentist as often as someone with dental insurance

The reasoning is obvious, it’s more expensive. According to the ADA, dental insurance is the number one predictor of a dental visit. For those without insurance, routine dental care often falls to the bottom of the priority list.

Most patients without dental benefits understand that skipping routine, preventative dental visits can often result in more expensive dental work and/or emergency visits down the road. I get it, it’s easy to put it off until something (or someone) gives you a reason to go. That’s why Corridor Dental is giving you a reason to say yes by offering you three words: DENTAL. MEMBERSHIP. PLAN.

Here is our exciting news! Corridor Dental will be offering a membership plan to any patient who doesn’t have dental insurance or believes our in house plan would be a better option than the insurance they currently have. When you sign up for our yearly membership plan, you get everything you need for routine dental care in one year….

Diagnostic X-rays

2 cleanings

2 exams

PLUS…15% off any additional treatment you may need (good for a Cavity Queen like me). The best part is no one has to deal with insurance companies, which means NO maximums, NO deductibles, NO waiting times, NO denials! We want you to feel comfortable with treatment and with prices. We also make sure you are going to get the smile you want and deserve, which means the 15% applies to anything that dental insurances would classify as unnecessary (who gave them the right to tell you what you do and don’t need?)

Dental care isn’t out of reach anymore, in fact it’s waiting for you to say YES!