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  • Cody Kriegel

Clear Aligners

You deserve a confident smile, we can help!

The clear alternative to metal braces can be used to treat many common tooth alignment issues for both adults and teens. With Invisalign we use computer-guided 3D technology to create custom clear aligners that gradually move your teeth into their proper alignment.

We love straight teeth because they look great, but they are also much easier to clean, maintain, and result in healthier gums with less inflammation. Unlike metal braces, these clear aligners can be removed to eat, brush, and floss routinely… yes, this means there is still no excuse for not flossing! As a result, your teeth are gradually guided into their proper positions for better overall form, function, and aesthetics.

Clear aligners have helped 5.5 million people worldwide with their revolutionary clear aligner system, and treatments can now be completed two times faster—with average treatment times of only one year!

  • The process begins with a consultation to determine if you’re a candidate.

  • If so, next, we will take digital impressions and send them off to the lab.

  • Each set is worn for 1-2 weeks until our desired results are achieved.

Breaking Down Barriers

We don’t want anything to stand in between you and your best self with your most confident smile. The ease, comfort, discretion, and affordability that Invisalign offers should help dissolve your concerns once and for all.

If your primary hesitation is metal braces, clear aligners use a series of virtually invisible retainers. If your concern is the cost, we’re happy to partner with Green State Credit Union to offer flexible financing options. If you’re worried about pain and discomfort, keep in mind the end results will be life changing. Moving teeth will naturally cause some tension, but compared to traditional braces, Invisalign is relatively comfortable.

Your smile will magically transform before your eyes…

Because clear aligners are virtually invisible to the naked eye, all anyone else will see is your smile magically transforming before them. It’s up to you whether or not you tell them… your smile’s secret weapon is safe with us!

  • Teeth are 2nd only to weight on the list of things Americans feel insecure about.

  • 75% of people who have straightened their teeth report a positive impact in their life.




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