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  • Cody Kriegel


What is PRF?

PRF stands for platelet rich fibrin and is a byproduct of your own blood. PRF is extremely high in platelets and growth factors, the signaling molecules that facilitate communication between cells. This revolutionary technique allows us to extract blood, separate out platelets and growth factors, and add this natural healing elixir back into your body.

Sounds a little like something out of a sci-fi film, doesn’t it? We strive for a biological approach to dentistry, so we’ve invested in this amazing technology to help our patients heal quickly, comfortably, and naturally, with fewer post-op complications.

How does PRF Work?

First, we extract a vial of blood, just like you would experience when having blood drawn for any other reason. Next, we place the blood into our PRF centrifuge machine. This machine spins the blood around rapidly, causing it to separate into three layers—plasma, red blood cells, and PRF. The PRF layer is rich in fibrin, platelets, white blood cells, and bone growth factors.

  • PRF is then inserted into the extraction, dental implant, or surgical site.

  • PRF prevents saliva, bacteria, and other contaminants from entering the wound.

  • PRF protects the site from infection and enriches the area with natural proteins that accelerate healing.

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