Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone?

Even though it sounds new, ozone was actually discovered in 1840 by a German chemist and was first used in dentistry in 1932. Ozone is created in-office by adding energy to medical-grade pure oxygen, creating O3 molecules (a molecule of three oxygen atoms carrying a negative charge)…think of your high school chemistry days where we all learned water is H2O (two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom) or oxygen in the air is two molecules of oxygen (O2). These O3 molecules are highly reactive and poised to oxidize all the bad bugs!

So, how does it kill pathogens without affecting our human cells? Well, in essence, it blows holes in cell membranes of pathogens, causing pathogen cell death. This doesn’t happen to human cells because we have natural antioxidant systems in our cell membranes to prevent it, but pathogenic cells do not. In fact, ozone is used by your own immune cells to kill pathogens in your body every day. This discovery proved ozone to be completely biological, and whenever it is used we boost your own immune system! In addition, infections are generally acidic and positively charged. Ozone is very negatively charged, causing it to chase down the infection and eliminate the pathogens at lightspeed!

Ozone has a ton of uses. Probably the most valuable to us in the dental world is ozone’s disinfection properties.

How is Ozone Used?


We use ozonated water in our Cavitron® (power washer for your teeth) and to flush deep pockets caused by isolated areas of bacteria. Sometimes we even use ozone gas to insufflate deep pockets.


Ozone gas is used over preps (restorations) to kill all pathogens in dentinal tubules which virtually eliminates any post-operative sensitivity AND prepares your tooth surface for better bonding, resulting in a more reliable restoration. If you’ve ever felt a sting or burst of sharpness on your gums, you know a unique kind of pain. This is usually caused by gum recession, and we can actually use ozone over those sensitive areas to eliminate or drastically reduce your pain! Hallelujah!


Of course, we use Ozone for surgeries too! It is used to prep implant patients for surgery. We also use ozone in all extraction sockets to kill pathogens, increase blood flow to the site, and upregulate your immune system!

Root Canals

Root canals–no one likes ‘em! But ozone injections around root canals can help sustain them and disinfect areas around them. Sounds good to us!

A New Kind of Smart Water

Completely killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, without harming any human cells. 

We refuse to be left in the dust as dental technologies and innovations continue to change. It’s too easy to become complacent with the ordinary. That’s why we decided to invest in ozone therapy for use in our practice.  No, we’re not talking about the ozone layer, and this has nothing to do with polar ice caps melting or Al Gore…

  • Ozone kills pathogens without affecting our human cells.

  • We even use Ozone water in our Cavitrons, giving you (the patient) the best dental cleaning you've ever had.

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