We have received your emails and phone calls, and for everybody who has taken the time out of your day to respond, thank you, because that lets us know you care. Whether you agree with our decision or not, we appreciate the fact that you care enough to have called us and given us your input.

I have decided to become a non-restricted provider of all insurance networks. Non-restricted providers are also considered non-participating providers. My reasoning for wanting to do so is that third-party interference and the way I want to practice dentistry is not working. 

I know a lot of you come from great distances to see us and I know the reason that you drive is because we offer things that very few others do. I’m proud to be able to provide those services for you and I will continue to do so.

My decision to become a non-restricted provider with your insurance plan was largely due to the difficulty I had with sustaining high-quality dentistry under the rules and regulations that insurance carriers place on those who are contracted with them. Because those restrictions interfere with our mission to provide an advanced quality of clinical care, changing my participation status with your insurance plan will ensure that you will continue to receive the best care. We will have no restrictions in providing you with the type of advanced treatment we feel you deserve.

The reason I am choosing to leave insurance is for you. 

As a non-restricted provider you may experience the following changes to your dental coverage:

  • Insurance will no longer accept assignment of benefit from us. What this means is that your insurance company will send reimbursement checks and Explanation of Benefit Statements directly to you. We ask that you share these items with us so we can document what your insurance pays to help you manage any available insurance benefits you may want to use in the future. This also means that because insurance sends reimbursement to their patients directly, you will be responsible for the cost of your appointment at the time of service.

  • Your insurance provider may reduce your benefits. This is an unfortunate business decision as they do not honor patients' requests to seek care and obtain full dental coverage at any provider of your choice. You will be able to determine what your individual plan covers by calling your Human Resources department or your insurance company directly.


Because I understand it is important for you to have insurance and it is a determining factor for some of you, I want you to understand that while we may not be a participating provider, you are still able to use your insurance benefits. I also want you to know that we have a Membership Plan that is available to you.

The difference is we are now choosing to go out of network, and the reason why we are choosing to go out of network is because as a dental office that thrives on quality care and unique experiences, third-party interference in the care agreement that we have with our patients to get them to the state of health that they want and deserve is not working. 

If this is the place you want to stay, I want to help you navigate that. We are incredibly grateful for you.